Koupal Angus

Herd Sires

Herd bulls at Koupal Angus just don't happen... Hours of research and road miles are what makes our program different than a lot of other's. We have a program. We don't chase fads or try to guess who the next great herd sire will be. Take the time to browse through our herd sires. You will see the same consistency in the breeding background of them

We feed all of our sale bulls right here on the farm. They are not creep fed, and are grown with a high roughage program. We want to be able to offer to our customers sound, fertile, efficient bulls that can work for many years. We want our customers to know when they buy a Koupal-bred bull, they can expect the bull to bred consistency into their calves. We don't chase numbers or high-EPD bulls. Come look them over, we think you will like what you see.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our Herd Sires

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